aurora S2

aurora S2 無線車門警示燈aurora S2
Wireless door safery illumination

The car door with the right habits and aurora S1 wireless door safety illumination to the rear of the vehicle active safety warning to avoid rear-ended and accidents. Smart sensor design, easy to install and easy to install, suitable for all car models, waterproof design, super endurance, provide you with the ability to actively remind the rear car in a dim environment, and enhance safe driving.

icon-16.jpgSmart sensor (LED ON/OFF)icon-17.jpgCustomized LOGO
icon-29.jpgCompact sizeicon-07.jpgCompletely waterproof
icon-03.jpg3 years battery lifeicon-31.jpgSafety, no connection in car
icon-04.jpgCoin battery drivenicon-11.jpgStick and Go!
icon-06.jpgAbout 5 mm highicon-30.jpgDoor open-flashing LEDs


Model Name: aurora S2
Size: 70x30x5 mm
Weight: 10g
Battery life: 3 years
Battery type: CR 2430 x 1pc
Waterproof support

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