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Zealio-Zeal is always here!
Professional manufacture of Automotive Electronics and battery powered Door Sill Illumination.

Founded in Hsinchu in August 2011, Zealio Electronics is a Taiwan-based R&D and development company which specializing in automotive electronics and focusing on battery powered Door Sill Illumination products. It is composed of a group of elites engaged in the consumer electronics industry and has a superior technology research and development team. Committed to innovative and high-quality automotive electronics, as well as a global business and product division with brand sales capabilities, we are able to promote our products to the worldwide.

Under the advantages of independent design, international technology development and a number of patents, in the market segment of battery powered door sill illumination, we have obtained international competitive advantages and obtained orders from international car manufactures, cooperated with European,American and Japanese car manufacturers for verified the durability. The establishment of the supply chain integration relationship and the achievements of various new product developments show that the excellent quality and design of Zealio Electronics battery powered door sill illumination products have been recognized by the quality of various car manufacturers and international ODM factories.

2011/ 8 Zealio Electronics Co., Ltd, have been founded at Hsin Chu, Taiwan.
2015 Have ISO9001 Certification with honors.
2016 Have SBIR project support with honors.
2017 Have Taiwan Excellence Award with honors.
2018 Have IATF 16949 Certification with honors.
Zealio office has moved to new office at Hsin Chu City
2019 Battery powered led module in 2019 Taiwan Excellence Award

Complete Automotive Application Product
Zealio carries a complete line of Automotive application products to fulfill consumer needs in 3 main serial: 1) Automotive battery powered Interior Ambient Light 2) battery powered Door Safety Illumination 3) WPC Power Cradle. We target our product development to redefine electronics with automotive applications, improving usability and rich features to keep users interested and motivated.We bring fun and conveniently into your everyday life.

Complete Home Application
Zealio design a complete line of Home Application in 3 main serial: 1) Home Security 2) Wireless Monitoring 3) Home Energy Saving. We design a serial of application product which could bring users security and also achieve energy saving for different environment and demands.

Safe, Energy Saving and Convenience are 3 main guidelines of Automotive Electronics trend; Zealio dedicate to designing, developing Automotive application which user would feel the elegant ambience inside the car by the smart illumination design

Zealio keep improving and developing new product to fulfill customers’ demand; further Zealio expand production capability to meet demand of overseas market; We target to serve worldwide users with continuous innovation and dedicated technology. 

Welcome to see all serial of Automotive Application : Battery powered Door Sill Illumination, Battery powered Ambient Light, Battery powered Door Safety Illumination, Battery powered LED MODULE, Home Security, WPC Power Cradle; We are looking forward learning any comments from you anytime.

Design Concept

Bring convenience and No Troubles

Future Development

The increasing overseas market share and demand of luxury vehicle and electric vehicle brings the demand of automotive interior ambient light market; the interior ambient light does make driver and passengers more comfortable, convenient, more awareness and safe while driving on the road.

Certification &


Core Technology

Core Technology
With the safety, energy saving and convenience of the three main axes of automotive electronics as the core architecture, Jingjin is committed to the design, research and development and manufacturing of automotive electronics, so that people can feel the accurate presentation of entry light and its subtle texture in the interior space.
Quality Goals
Zealio Electronics has IATF16949:2016 / ISO-9001 and national patents and international quality assurance certification, with demanding quality assurance system and responsible and serious customer service spirit, to create high competitiveness with customers.
In the spirit of seeking new changes, we are committed to developing products of better quality and function to meet the needs of customers in the market.
Customer satisfaction
Through the joint efforts of all colleagues, we provide customers with excellent products and related quality and excellent services to obtain the maximum satisfaction of customers.
Continuous improvement
Actively and responsibly cooperate with effective and clear improvement measures to continuously improve the quality of products and related services to enhance the competitive advantage in the market.
Sustainable operation
Create profits, share all work colleagues, and give back to investment shareholders, paying attention to labor and capital harmony, in order to achieve sustainable business objectives.