Core Technology

company-core-s-en.png Zealio is Technology Driven manufacturer with ample experienced in core technology, keep designing wireless automotive electronics application such as interior illumination based on targeting of safety, energy efficiency and convenience, which people would enjoy and feel comfortable with Zealio ‘s application.
Zealio ‘s product operates independently without any electronic link with automotive power which the product has the advantages of easy installation, no potential ignition, no wire for users, it’s totally a “Stick and Go” and convenient product! To dedicate environment protection and achieve energy saving purpose, Zealio’s product adopt coin battery with 3 years battery life.

Zealio has IATF16949:2016/ISO-9001 certification and international patent with honors which is result of strict quality process execution; In the mean time Zealio serve customer with focusing technology, outstanding services, competitive cost and efficiency lead-time, to create high competitiveness and value-added so that Zealio is honor to be assigned to cooperate with major automotive manufacturers.