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Future Development
The increasing overseas market share and demand of luxury vehicle and electric vehicle brings the demand of automotive interior ambient light market; the interior ambient light does make driver and passengers more comfortable, convenient, more awareness and safe while driving on the road.

Our advantage

The ratio of luxury cars to electric cars is increasing year by year, and the standards for energy efficiency, safety, and convenience of various parts and components will become higher and higher. At present, most of the interior lighting accessories in the automobile market are mostly wire cable types. Zealio's exclusive innovation and development wireless products and has become an industry indicator. With the advantages of no wire, easy installation, complete waterproof and 3 years battery life , Zealio Electronics has been able to open up new business opportunities through the development of its own products, and through continuous innovation, we have become a R&D oriented company. At the same time as the company injects new development directions, it also creates value partners for customers. Care to improve the quality of our products and our commitment to create value for our company and societ.

Application and Partner 

With years promotion Zealio has introduced such valuable products to major automotive manufacturers and Home Industry; Zealio always design and offer the best and suitable solutions to our customers and users.