aurora P1

aurora-p1-s.jpgaurora P1
Power Cradle

Power Cradle is an innovation design for smartphone in car, it can fit with most of smartphone in the market.
You don't need to alway adjust arm for phone size. Just place your phone to cradle which sensor will detect your phone and clip automatically. You just touch back side and arm will open while you want to take phone away.

icon-24.jpgClever engineering designicon-26.jpgEasy to fit
15541948238004301.jpgSmart sensor for auto detectionicon-15.jpg1 year battery life
icon-25.jpgPower gear by powerful armsicon-01.jpgWireless product
icon-33.jpgAAA battery x 2 pcs drivingicon-17.jpgCostomized LOGO
icon-34.jpgCompleted fitting with phone size
icon-35.jpgLOGO illuminated


Product Information: aurora P1
Product Size: 95x60x18 mm
Weight: 180g
Power by: AAA battery x 2pcs
Width for device: 56~96 mm
Thickness for device: 7~10 mm
Product loading: 500g

Product Video