aurora 10

aurora 10-Wireless LED Moduleaurora 10
aurora 10 LED Module

aurora 10 LED automatically turns off when the car door is closed, and uses independent power supply, effective power for 3 years battery life, its charm quality and innovative elements are applied in the scuff plate illumination, becoming the world leader, can be applied to all car models on the market, can be applied without any restrictions, fully meet the market demand.  Please contact us.

icon-02.jpgEasy applicationicon-20.jpgAbout 3~ 4.5 mm high
icon-03.jpg3 years battery lifeicon-07.jpgCompletely waterproof
icon-04.jpgCoin battery drivenicon-05.jpgON/OFF by integrated sensor           


Model Name: aurora 10 Series
310x33x4.5 mm 
271x33x4.5 mm
271x33x3 mm
179x33x4.5 mm
120x33x3.5 mm
Light emitting region190~60 x 21.5~18 mm 
Battery life: 3 years
Battery type: CR series
Waterproof support

aurora 10 LED Module

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