aurora 400

aurora 400aurora 400
Wireless door sill illumination

The wireless scuff plate features high quality, high technology and easy installation, with sensor in the product. Whenever you open the door, your scuff plate automatically lights up, providing gentle LED lighting and improved car driving pleasure and your exclusive style and personality.  Please contact us.

icon-28.jpgSmart sensor(no magnet)icon-22.jpgLED color change
icon-01.jpgNo wire, wireless producticon-08.jpgQuick release locking system
icon-02.jpgEasy install about 5 minicon-10.jpgNFC available
icon-03.jpg3 years battery lifeicon-07.jpgCompletely waterproof      
icon-04.jpgCoin battery drivenicon-06.jpgAbout 5 mm high


Model Name: aurora 400
Size: 450x40x5 mm
Top plate: Plastic plate
Battery life: 3 years
Battery type: CR 2430 x 2pcs
Waterproof support 

Product Video